Environmental Perspectives, Inc. is an educational-research organization. Since 1992, our purpose has been to sound a warning to America and the Christian Church of serious threats to our freedom.


EPI provides articles, books, videos, maps, lectures and other media to help citizens across America to understand and develop solutions to specific issues which threaten our Constitution and our way of life in America; threats which include insidious property rights infringements, as well as attacks on our freedom to worship as we please.


The effort on the part of the international community to create a world government and religion has far reaching implications. Our goal is to help people understand the consequences to them and our nation if our politics are driven by a belief that big government is the answer to everything and that nature is god and humans are destroying it.


Dr. Coffman, the founder of Environmental Perspectives, has written several books: Environmentalism, The Dawn of Aquarius or the Twilight of a New Dark Age; Saviors of the Earth, the Politics and Religion of the Environmental Movement; The Birth of World Government; Dreamkillers, Abuse of Regulatory Eminent Domain. His latest books which are getting rave reviews are: Radical Isalm In the House, Plundered, as well as Rescuing a Broken America.


Dreamkillers, is a fast-paced novel that provides the horrifying saga of how a town in Maine savaged a sick widow in order to take her land by using smart growth regulations. Saviors of the Earth has not only helped America understand the dangers of the environmental movement, but has been instrumental in helping many conservatives in Congress to understand ongoing global events. The information in Saviors of the Earth even provided the basis for stopping the ratification of the United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity. EPI has also produced several videos, the most recent being Global Warming or Global Governance. In this DVD, dozens of leading climate scientists explain why it is highly unlikely that man is causing global warming, and the scare tactics are designed to allow international regulation of our economy. Global Warming, Emerging Science and Understanding is our most recent DVD. It has received wide acclaim for being the most powerful, easy to understand DVD available explaining that science now shows that man literally cannot be causing global warming.