Global Government 2000-The Coming World Government and Religion

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Global Government 2000 describes in detail how the United Nations is being turned into a ""world government"" in which the pagan religious beliefs of pantheism will be imposed as a world ethic system. Taped before the Granada Forum in Los Angeles, Dr. Michael Coffman discusses the current top-to-bottom restructuring of the United Nations starting in the year 2000, how issues like global warming, ozone depletion and ecosystem destruction are being falsified to justify the need for ""global governance,"" and how federal bureaucrats are actually working with special interest Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs) to implement global ""ecospiritual"" policies without Congressional consent or oversight. The video also describes how average American citizens have been successful in stopping this agenda in their own communities. The presentation by Dr. Coffman is followed by one-half hour of questions and answers.