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Plundered reveals how the progressive agenda has systematically strangled this great nation. Reveals the truth behind the religion of modern environmentalism and how it is systematically destroying America

Saviors of the Earth has been described as one of the most important books ever published and describes the history of the environmental movement and how it has become the radicle anti-human movement we see today. 

Liberal progressives – this does not include liberals – hate capitalism, property rights, your liberty, and everything else that made America the greatest nation in the history of the world. There is no such thing as compromise in the progressive ideology. Progressives may seem to compromise, but it is an illusion. It is merely part of their strategy to eventually win. Those steeped in the ideology are convinced that they are right about everything and everyone else is wrong. Progressives are generally nice people – as long as you agree with them. However, they have succeeded for decades by relentlessly lying, intimidating, bullying, mocking, demonizing, and even destroying anyone or anything that stands in their way. Their strategy is based on “the end justifies the means,” including class warfare.

Progressives admit amongst themselves that they are at war with the American legal system and tradition so they can implement their utopian ideals using the Soviet model of governance. Progressive ideology infects both political parties that manifest itself in different ways.

Progressive ideology has given America a deeply divided nation that is $19 plus trillion in debt with another $116 trillion unfunded liability that can never be paid. Worse, progressive liberals believe debt is irrelevant so they constantly fight every effort to reign in our debt. For over a hundred years progressives in both political parties have been manipulated by a global elite to systematically undermined America’s Constitutional foundation in order to create a world government.

Liberty in America as established by our Founders is in its death throes. The current “solutions” to our economic woes and high unemployment are actually making America’s economy worse because they are based on an ideology that has always failed. Worse, America’s moral fabric is being shredded as Christianity and Judaism are systematically extinguished. America is in moral free-fall that is increasingly narcissistic, bigoted and hate-filled, demanding things that tear down rather than builds civilization.

Plundered details how this progressive agenda has slowly but systematically strangled this great nation. It details who, why and how it is being done. Early psychiatrists in the 19th century were even then sounding the alarm. Progressivism is a cancer. It is part of a global agenda that is destroying America. It is evil. The November elections solidified the death-grip progressivism has on America. The only way to restore the nation back to its constitutional foundations, the rule of law, and prosperity is to expose the progressive lie and eliminate this cancer and the disaster it has created.

Saviors of the Earth Saviors of the Earth? reveals the spellbinding truth behind today's headlines and how modern environmental leadership is setting a dangerous course for America and the world. From the eastern mystic roots of the early conservation movement to the gross distortion of science resulting from the spiritualization of the earth, Coffman exposes the incredible power and politics of national and global environmentalism.

The author takes the reader behind "closed- door meetings" of a small, but powerful group of environmental leaders. In their own words, these earth saviors divulge how they are using religion and enormous funding and political muscle to leverage their mystic definition of biological diversity and sustainable development into becoming the central organizing principle of America and the world. Information in this book played the key role in stopping the ratification of the Biodiversity Treaty in the United States Senate.