Rescuing a Broken America DVD

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Two, 1 hr. sessions explaining what is happening and what can and must be done.

America is deeply divided and getting worse. The division has become bitter since the 2000 election and is manifesting itself in 2010 as an all-out war in Congress. It has precipitated the highly motivated Tea Party movement that is attempting to return America back to the Constitution. Yet, few people understand why. Most, even in the Tea Party movement, believe it is just partisan politics. The reason, however, is far deeper than that, and far more dangerous to the future of America. These two one-hour and 10 minute seminars by Dr. Coffman provide a dramatic overview, complete with stunning graphics about what, why, who and what to do about it that is provided in greater detail in his book of the same name.

                      First hour

                                 Second hour

  • The War of Worldviews
  • The Attack on Property Rights
  • Smart Growth Fraud
  • Agenda 21
  • Who Is Behind the Attempt to Destroy America
  • The IUCN (International Union for the Conservation of Nature)
  • Co-opting American's Institutions
  • Environmentalism
  • What We Must Do To Heal America