Towards Global Financial Control

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This video will make any viewer stop and think about what is really happening, and will shock many Christians and Jews about the prophetic implications of the global financial restructuring that will soon control everything that they do.

Behind the scenes the United Nations is quietly continuing to implement its agenda to create a world religion and global governance, a euphemism for world government. In 2002 the major thrust will be to restructure the global financial system to shift all economic power to the Bank for International Settlements that is controlled by the private central banks of the world. At the heart of this effort is the plan to carve up the world into global economic regions. There are presently seven of these being created, which will probably turn into nine or ten before long. This video explains their incredible global agenda, its prophetic implications and how it will affect each one of us. What will be required by nations and corporations to become ""transparent"" to the United Nations and the Bank of International Settlements? How is the world being carved up into economic regions or kingdoms? What prophetic implications do these regions represent? How will Agenda 21 and sustainable development work to fulfill the plan to achieve global governance and world government?