World Events and Prophecy

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"Many Bible prophecies written thousands of years ago have been fulfilled in the past 100 years. Unknown by most people, even Bible-reading Christians, major end-time prophecies are being fulfilled today, including, The One-World government. The One-World Religion. The Ten-nation confederacy of Daniel and Revelation. The Mark of the Beast or 666. As a scholar of geopolitics and prophecy, Dr. Coffman has an opportunity to witness things that are kept from the general public. Few people are aware that there are five major power factions in the world fighting among themselves over who will dominate the emerging world government. Or that a world religion came within hours of being accepted by the United Nations in 2002. The world is being divided into ten economic units. Americans are only now becoming aware that our government is rapidly forming the North American Union with Canada and Mexico; patterned after the European Union. Finally, the technology now exists to create the Mark of the Beast of Revelation 13. Dr. Coffman explains these world events and the occult meaning of 666 in this DVD video. "