Radical Islam In The House (Updated)

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Radical Islam In The House exposes the very real Islamist threat to America. It has already penetrated deeply into the federal government and our culture. Its Biblical implications are enormous

  • Coffman’s book is perhaps the best I’ve read at conveying the reality of this agenda to impose Shariah law on Americans. At only about 100 pages, it’s crammed with material that will be new to most. Jim Feltcher, Director Prophecy Matters. World Net Daily.
  • One of the most informative books I’ve ever read on the muslim infiltration of America. The goal is one world, one religion with Sharia Laws as the ruling law. Digi Max, Amazon.com
  • If you are interested in learning how radical Islam is influencing our society and government this is your book. The authors have put their years of research into an easily readable book. If you want to understand what the world view of Islamism is and what that means to America I highly recommend this book. BD


Radical Islam in the House leaps from today's headlines. It exposes the very real Islamist threat to America. President Obama has encouraged the Muslim Brotherhood to penetrate deeply into the federal government and our culture. Their stated goal is to turn America into an Islamic state as part of a global Caliphate or world government.

While allowing Iran to obtain the nuclear bomb will be catastrophic, there is an equally dangerous Islamist cancer that is systematically Islamizing American politics and culture; Wahhabi Islam. Obama's Kenyan family are all Wahhabi's.  Saudi Arabia’s Wahhabi Islam is the foundation of al Qaeda, the Muslim Brotherhood and ISIS. ISIS uses the same utter brutality that Islam has used since the time of Mohammad to spread. Anyone who tells you otherwise is lying. Al Qaeda uses violence, while the Muslim Brotherhood uses stealth and deception--until violence is needed.

The anticipated return of the Islamic Mahdi, their messiah, is the go sign for global conquest and a global Caliphate. This story quite literally leaps off the pages of the Bible in ways non-Jews, Christians and even Muslims will find shocking. Whether you are a Christian, Jew or none of the above, the implications are stunning and should be understood by everyone -- before it is too late.